Communication means between the  and its members. 


At least four times a year – or more according to the needs – the members receive an information letter pertaining to the general events and the activities planned by the Board of directors.


This e-mail is used to rapidly join the majority of the members with punctual news.  The  Express is sent occasionally, always for free, to those who provide their e-mail address.  The  uses the Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) function of its server in order to keep the bulletin’s recipients e-mail addresses invisible and confidential.

To receive the  Express, send your coordinates to:


This leaflet, which is distributed regularly, informs the members about the history of early generations of Marsil established in New France. 

To obtain one of the previously published bulletins, please communicate with the A.D.A.M.:  or use the membership form

The latest means of communication with the members, this component allows and encourages the publication of notes (see the July 2010 one) sent by members of the   The noteworthy history of Marcil/Mercille… who lived between the late 19th century and today is the main interest of this component.

Everywhere in the world, the Marcil, Mercille… and associated families can access the history, general by-laws, and illustrated features of past activities.

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