The  accepts everyone’s contribution to enrich the genealogical database of André Marsil and Marie Lefebvre’s descendants.

Did you know that amateur genealogists will encounter more and more difficulties in their researches? 

Indeed, the registration of births, marriages and burials is now the civil responsibility.  Gone are the days where one could find the information in the parishes or the parishes’ repertories. 

Be the family reference! 

Compile the places and dates of birth, baptism, wedding, civil union, divorce, death, burial… of those surrounding you. 

Send us the data. 

This way, the future generations interested in genealogy will have a trustworthy source to track the Marcil, Mercille… 

We currently have a database of 12,000 names of Marcil, thanks to Madam Diane Chartrand Marcil who has been compiling them voluntarily for many years. 

From your grand-parents’ details, this database allows to track descent up to our common ancestor André Marsil and to link up to two previous generations of Marsil in Saint-Omer, France. 

Need help or more information? 

Contact Réal Marcil (