History bulletin

From 1996 until today, our team read and analysed the original acts pertaining to the first hundred years of the MARSIL in America.  The main events of the lives of André Marsil and his children are described in the History and genealogy bulletins (Bulletins díhistoire et de généalogie).  The objective of this informative document is to learn accurate facts about our ancestors.

The published bulletins can be obtained by contacting the secretariat: secretariat@famillesmarcil.qc.ca

Since 1995, under the successive direction of Marcel, Michel, Francine and Denis, the following members voluntarily contributed to the publication of the Bulletin:  

Gérald Émilien Marcil (1)  Denis Marcil (42) 
Michel Marcil, jésuite (3)  Louise Mercille Monty (50)
Monique Marsil (5) Roger Marcil (64)
Jacques Steinhauer (8) Suzel Marcil Turcotte (82)
Grégoire Marcil (19)  Richard Marcil (174)
Marcel Marcil (20) Yolande Thibodeau Marcil (179)
Yvon Marcil (31) Marguerite Marcil Lafontaine (222)
Maurice Marcil (32) Fernand Mercille (328)
Francine Marcil (39)   

In 2004, the first 30 History and genealogy bulletins were revised taking into account new information obtained through the reading of original notarized and civil acts.

In September 2009, the A.D.A.M. had already published more than 200 pages on the history of the Marsil in New-France.

The Bulletins no  35, 46, 47, and 48  can be read on the site.

The list of topics covered since 1996 can be consulted