Association des descendants d'André Marsil


André Marsil

December 4, 1642
at the Saint-Denis Church,
Saint-Omer, Artois, France.
Arrived in 1665, or earlier.

Marie Lefebvre

Born around 1650
in Soissons, Île-de-France.
daughter of the King
arrived on July 13, 1671
on S/V Prince Maurice.

André Marsil dit Lespagnol marries Marie Lefebvre on 16 November 1671 in Trois-Rivières.
They will have six children baptized: Madeleine, Étienne, Charles, Marie, André II and Catherine who will live only two years.
In North America, the Marcil, Mercille ... are all from the three sons of the couple represented by these Coat of Arms.

Do you know your lineage?

Charles Marcil (1678-1757) and Romaine Gervais (1681-1756), married October 25, 1700.
Étienne Marcil (1676-1708) and Madeleine Mondoux (1679-1737), married on February 12, 1704.
André II Marcil (1683-1740) and Jeanne Campeau (1698-1777), married on February 3, 1718.