Association des descendants d'André Marsil


    Our database currently contains more than 15,000 names of descendants Marsil / Marcil / Mercille and their families collected from members of A.D.A.M. and a good part of it is courtesy of Diane Chartrand Marcil, who has been doing it voluntarily for many years.
    From the coordinates already registered, this bank allows to trace an ascending line up to our common ancestor André Marsil and to link up two previous generations of Marsil in Saint-Omer, France.

    Our database software makes it possible to create very complete files concerning the people related to all the descendants of André and Marie, our common ancestors.
    We can insert photos, BMS (births, marriages and deaths (burials or sepultures) and relevant genealogy information.

    We therefore request your cooperation to increase the data already registered.
    Obtain our genealogical data collection form that you may have already completed but to which you may be able to add other information.
    If you have never completed it, we would greatly appreciate receiving information about your family.

    Be the family reference.

    • Compile places and dates of birth, baptism, marriage, common-law, divorce, death, burial of those around you.
    • Write a short biography of your family's ancestors, adding the places where they lived, what job they done, one or two pictures of them or their family home, etc.
    • Let us know when there are deaths.
    • Give a copy of the form to your brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunts or anyone else in your family.
    • Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions of genealogy and send us your file.

    Trust us with this data and we promise that it will only be used for genealogical purposes for our association.
    Our database is not accessible to the public, it is used to provide information to people who are looking for their ancestors and who ask us.

    The Marsil-Marcil-Mercille family is great and we would like our database to reflect as many members of this beautiful family as possible. Thus future generations interested in genealogy will have a reliable source to trace the Marcil / Mercille.

    It is important to perpetuate the memory and worship of our ancestors ...
    one day, each one of us will be an ancestor!