Marcil-Mercille families

History and genealogy



    Bring together the direct descendants and by alliance of André Marsil from Saint-Omer in France, which has established itself in Nicolet.
    • The A.D.A.M. annually organizes activities of different kinds to keep alive the memory of our ancestor.
    • Members are kept informed either by a "newsletter", an "A.D.A.M. Express ”, our website and our Facebook.
    • Promote research, publication and dissemination of historical and genealogical works.
    • The history of the Marcil, Mercille ... of America is presented in the book "André Marsil dit Lespagnol (1942-1725)", in our "54 Bulletins of history and genealogy grouped in volume" and other historical notes.


    Here are some benefits offered to our members:
    • Participation in cultural, social and regional activities in different regions of Quebec;
    • Full control over the Association and its development;
    • A link from our site to your personal web page;
    • The right to publish a short personal biography for your posterity;
    • The possibility of negotiating a sponsorship space for your business (professional card).

    Your membership in the A.D.A.M. is a way to show your allegiance by contributing in your own way to the well-being of the association and to the benefit of all members.