Marcil-Mercille families

History and genealogy


    First gathering in Longueuil where a mass was celebrated at the co-cathedral Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue to commemorate the 320th wedding anniversary of André Marsil and Marie Lefebvre.

    18th October 1992:
    The founding committee welcomes the Marsil in La Prairie.

    The Association of André Marsil’s descendants is incorporated and the acronym (ADAM) is born.

    First annual general assembly of the members.

    The logo is approved.

    26 March 1995:
    invites its members and their guests at the sugar shack. This spring outing becomes an annual event.

    First “Letter to the members”.

    The “Letter to the members” is divided. The part pertaining to our ancestors is concentrated in the “History and genealogy bulletin”. The 17th Bulletin is sent out in May.

    Modified by-laws are approved at the 7th general assembly of the members.

    14 October 2001:
    The Marcil, Mercille... are invited in Waterloo by Mme. Jeannine Vandal Marcil, member of the municipal council.

    18 August 2002:
    The History Society of the RCM Assomption welcomes the members.

    10 November 2002:
    The annual assembly is held at the Marsil Museum in Saint-Lambert.

    The website is launched and the Coat of arms identifying the Marsil of America is created.

    24 August 2003:
    Historical visit to Saint-Urbain Premier for the town’s 150th birthday.

    29 August 2004:
    Fête champêtre in Bromont.

    The Express is sent via e-mail.

    29 August 2005:
    In collaboration with the History Society of Saint-Eustache, receives the Marcil, Mercille of the region.

    25 and 26 August 2007:
    Second provincial gathering of the Marsil in Longueuil to celebrate the 350th birthday of the territory where the first generations of Marsil settled.

    5 October 2008:
    Marsil meeting in Terrebonne.

    12 and 13 September 2009:
    Provincial gathering in Trois-Rivières for the 375th birthday of the city where the common ancestors of the Marcil, Mercille… of America got married.

    Launch of the Marsil-Link to complement information pertaining to the Marcil, Mercille…

    Rejuvenation of the website.

    26 September 2010:
    Marsil Meeting in La Prairie.

    18 September 2019:
    Complete rebuild of our website to meet the requirements of modern platforms.