Marcil-Mercille families

History and genealogy

This section offers you old photos sent by collaborating members or found during our research. These photos concern "Marcil" and bear witness to the existence and the daily life of our ancestors who are now deceased.

    If you wish to share one or more of your old family photos, you can send them to the address of the genealogy committee indicating the following information:

    • identification of people on each photo,
    • date and place of taking the photo,
    • any relevant information related to the photo,
    • your name and place of residence (city only).

    Is the photo damaged? Submit it anyway, we will do our best to improve it.


    MARCIL Aurèle and Alexina GIBEAU family
    MARCIL Arthur Albertine and her children
    MARCIL Arthur and Albertine DORAIS family
    MARCIL Edmund Helen Juliana John - The fighting Marcil-1943
    MARCIL Florestine 1879-1942
    MARCIL Joseph and Angele RICHER - family
    MARCIL Joseph and Henriette PINSONNEAULT family
    MARCIL Joseph and Henriette PINSONNEAULT family-2
    MARCIL Joseph and Marie MOQUIN
    MARCIL Joseph and Rosalinda GRÉGOIRE and children
    MARCIL Joseph and Rosalinda GRÉGOIRE family
    MARCIL Marguerite (1897-1930) and Joseph-DUBOIS (1896-1944)
    MARCIL Omer and Marie-Louise CODERRE before 1939
    MARCIL Wilfrid and Rosilda PARÉ family august 1937 Upton
    MERCILLE Adrien and Blanche-Alice BEAUCHEMIN 1941