Marcil-Mercille families

History and genealogy


" Genealogy is the science that seeks to find parentage for individuals and families. "

The Robert illustrated

    " Genealogy makes it possible to find the ancestors, their places of origin, the dates of arrival, to follow their movements and thus to reconstruct the puzzle of a family over centuries. "

    Our genealogy committee, in constant development, is currently working on three aspects:

    • compilation of data,
    • the search for baptism, marriage and burial certificates,
    • genealogy training.

    All the information collected from families, readings and research sites must be validated by consulting the original acts (baptisms, marriages, burials) which makes it possible to correct or supplement the data collected on certain sites constructed with the information transmitted from generation to generation.

    Deeds and contracts are the only reliable source and the documents we publish on this site are based on these criteria of truthfulness.

    FAMILLES MARCIL-MERCILLE has several highly qualified people in its ranks to do research and training. One of the goals we are aiming for is to ensure that this experience is passed on to the members during our annual meetings. We are keen to create an interest in genealogy among the current members and to make sure to trace the greatest number of Marcil / Mercilles who have a unique strain in America: André Marsil and Marie Lefebvre.

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